My tenets and goals of teaching derive first from the position of student and have evolved through my experience as an instructor of an undergraduate negotiation course. Supplemented by experiences assisting with and facilitating management, leadership, and communication courses at the undergraduate and master’s levels, I integrate my experiences in multiple roles to establish a teaching philosophy and approach that remains open to continuous improvement.

As a teacher, my job is not solely to add to students’ existing knowledge and challenge their preconceptions, but more importantly, to help build a foundation and provide experience to form a broader, more analytical worldview. Through my role as a teacher for a course that students take during their time in the education system, I can provide them with knowledge and practical tools to help them advance toward their individual goals. In the classroom, I work to maintain a balance of being directive while allowing for independent thinking and creativity.

Selected Teaching Experiences

Sole instructor, Negotiation, undergraduate elective (Fall 2017)

Curriculum development and guest lecturer, Business Fundamentals for Non-business Students, undergraduate/graduate elective (Fall 2016 – Fall 2017)

Guest lecturer, Managerial Communication, specialized Master’s program elective ( Summer 2017)

Selected Teaching Feedback (Negotiation course)